KU Nanofab

KU Nanofabrication Facility

Our Purpose

The KU Nanofabrication Facility is a Core Lab supported by the University of Kansas Center for Research and the Center for Molecular Analysis of Disease Pathways. The KU Nanofab primarily caters to researchers who are manufacturing micro- and nanofluidic devices for biomedical research, but has the equipment and resources to accommodate broad research applications with micro- and nanofabrication needs.

Gray-Little Hall

Our Facility

The KU Nanofabrication Facility is located in the newly-constructed Gray-Little Hall in the Central District of the University of Kansas Lawrence campus. The facility consists of about 1,300 ft2 of ISO class 5, 1,700 ft2 of ISO class 6 and 2,700 ft2 of ISO class 7 cleanroom space.

Our Capabilities

The facility houses tools and materials for techniques including photolithography, nano-imprint lithography, plasma (dry) etching (ICP-RIE), wet etching, metal and dielectric material thin film deposition, metrology, wafer dicing, wire bonding and electrical testing, laser ablation and engraving, 3D printing, and hot embossing. In addition, the facility has numerous microscopes for general inspection, ovens and furnaces, ultrapure water, dedicated process fume hoods and filtered lighting for photolithography. COMSOL software for device modeling is available for paying users as well.

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Services and usage of the facility are available to researchers from all public and private research institutions.
Researcher in suit working in the Wet Etch Room
Wet Etch Room