Filmetrics Profilm3D Profilometer

Filmetrics Profilm3D Optical 3D Profilometer

The Filmetrics Profilm3D is a white-light-interferometry surface profilometer, fitted with 10X and 50X Nikon CF IC Epi Plan objectives. The camera provides 5 MP resolution. This profiler has a working range from 50 nm to 10 mm, with step-height accuracy of 0.7%.

Hardware features include a fully-motorized 100 x 100 mm stage with 100 mm of XYZ travel, 500 µm of piezo Z travel, and ±5° manual tilt. Software features include: digital zoom (up to 4X); autofocus; step-height, linear, area and volume measurement; FFT filtering; outlier and particle removal; and surface roughness and grain analysis.

The profiler sits atop an Accurion Nano 30 active vibration isolation system.


Tencor Alpha-Step 200 Profilometer

Tencor Alpha-Step 200 Stylus Profilometer

The Alpha-Step 200 is a 2D stylus profilometer with 5 Å vertical resolution in kÅ mode and 5 nm resolution in micron mode. Scan lengths can be manually set from 10 µm to 10 mm, with slow and fast scan rates. The horizontal resolution is 40 nm. This instrument is currently equipped with a 5 micron stylus (60°). The tracking force is currently set to 8 mg. A manual leveling function is available. Surface roughness data is provided with each scan. Video output is connected to a computer for data collection.