Rates & Fees

To set up an external academic account, please contact Alicia Reed of KUCR at amreed@ku.edu

To set up an Industry and Corporate account, please contact the Industry Agreements office at 785-864-7403 or indcontracts@ku.edu.

Hourly Rates

All hourly rates are rounded up or down to 15 minute intervals, with a required 15 minute minimum.

EquipmentInternal AcademicExternal AcademicExternal Market
Lesker Sputterer$16 / hour$24 / hour$48 / hour
E-Beam Evaporator$16 / hour$24 / hour$48 / hour
Oxford PECVD *$30 / hour$45 / hour$90 / hour
Oxford ICP-RIE *$40 / hour$61 / hour$120 / hour
Nano-Imprint Lithography$11 / hour$17 / hour$33 / hour
Hitachi SEM$36 / hour$55 / hour$108 / hour
HEX03 Heated Press$11 / hour$17 / hour$33 / hour

Additional consumables costs may also apply (see below).

*In addition to process time, three hours of instrument time will be added for startup and shutdown.

All hourly rates are rounded up or down to 15 minute intervals, with a required 15 minute minimum.

Internal AcademicExternal AcademicExternal Market
$47 / hour$71 / hour$141 / hour

This rate applies to all labor provided by facility staff, including training, fabrication, assistance and/or any other related service. This rate will be applied in addition to any applicable rates, fees and consumables costs as required by the labor provided.

Usage Fees

This fee is applied once per day per user.

Internal AcademicExternal AcademicExternal Market
EquipmentInternal AcademicExternal AcademicExternal Market
Photolithography Room$45$68$135
Mask Writer$57$86$171
Etching Room$26$39$78
Horiba Ellipsometer$23$35$69
Sputter Coater$15$23$45
PDMS Station$12$18$36
Plasma Reactor$11$17$33
Hot Embosser$22$33$66
CO2 LASER Engraver$11$17$33
Wafer Dicer$21$32$63
Wire Bonder$11$17$33
Figure 4 3D Printer$16$24$48

The usage fees above are charged once per day per user, and may be applied in addition to applicable hourly rates and consumables costs. Uses are tabulated from log books or log-in mechanisms.

PhotolithographySU8 Photoresist$1.10per gram
SUEX K150 SU8 Laminates$17.50each
SUEX K200 SU8 Laminates$18.00each
SUEX K500 SU8 Laminates$21.00each
SU8 Developer$0.05per gram
AZ 1518 Photoresist$0.30per gram
AZ 9260 Photoresist$0.85per gram
AZ 15nXT 115CPS Photoresist$1.25per gram
AZ 300 MIF Developer$0.01per gram
AZ 400K Developer$0.02per gram
1165 Microposit Remover$0.06per gram
4" Silicon Wafer (P-type <100>)$11.00each
4" SiO2-coated (300 nm) Silicon Wafer (P-type <100>)$24.00each
6" Silicon Wafer (P-type <100>)$16.00each
5" Quartz Glass Plate — Chrome and Photoresist Coated$115.00each
4" Borosilicate Glass Plate — Chrome and Photoresist Coated$31.00each
4" Borosilicate Glass Plate — Blank$14.50each
5" Soda Lime Glass Plate — Chrome and Photoresist Coated, Master Grade$30.00each
4" Soda Lime Glass Plate — Chrome and Photoresist Coated$15.50each
4" Soda Lime Glass Plate — Blank$7.50each
4" Photomask Compact$5.00each
5" Photomask Compact$5.00each
Metal DepositionGoldMKTper ounce
PlatinumMKTper ounce
PalladiumMKTper ounce
Stratasys 3D PrinterABS Plastic Filament$3.25per in3
Soluble Support Filament$6.25per in3
Figure 4 3D PrinterELAST-BLKN 10 Resin$0.25per gram
JCAST-GRN 10 Resin$0.30per gram
MED-AMB 10 Resin$0.30per gram
TOUGH-GRY 15 Resin$0.25per gram
Soft LithographyPolydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)$0.25per gram
MiscellaneousCleanroom Notebooks$14.00each
150 mm Petri Dishes (10 pack)$7.50each

The above consumables are provided to cleanroom users at cost. Scales are provided to record material weights. Precious metal prices are determined at the time of use; reclamation fees are also applied. Additional materials can be acquired and provided at user request. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Have Questions?

For any questions regarding rates, fees or billing, contact the facility director, Ryan Grigsby.
PDSM Station chip