Services and usage of the facility are available to researchers from all public and private research institutions. Training is provided to new users in the use of micro- and nanofabrication procedures and equipment. Hourly and per-use rates apply for facility access, equipment usage, and staff labor. Consultation is free.

Facility Capabilities

Briefly, the microfabrication facility cleanroom suite consists of:

  • Class 6 Gowning Vestibule
  • Class 5 Photolithography Room with a UV flood source and mask aligner, mask writer, Nano-Imprint Lithography system, a spin coater, three 10" hot plates, an HMDS vacuum oven, gravity oven, and a 3D profiling digital microscope
  • Class 6 Deposition Bay with an electron beam evaporator, DC magnetron sputterer, 3D optical profilometer, probe station, oxygen plasma reactor, sputter coater, and a camera-equipped microscope
  • Class 6 Plasma tool bay for DRIE Plasma Etching and PECVD
  • Class 7 Wet Lab with dedicated acid, base and HF fume hoods, chemical storage, ultrapure water, and stylus profilometer
  • Class 7 PDMS station with gravity oven, oxygen plasma reactor, PVD chamber, alignment tool, port punch tool and microscopes
  • Class 7 Device Assembly room with hot embossers, CO2 laser engraver, muffle and tube furnaces, and a camera-equipped microscope
  • Class 7 Metrology room with an SEM, ellipsometer, and tensiometer
  • Class 7 3D printer space with stereolithographic and extruded filament 3D printers
  • Class 7 open lab space for users to prepare devices and materials, and run assays
  • Class 8 workspace with a wafer dicer, polisher/grinder, glass drilling station, and a solder station
Researchers in protective suits working under a hood in the clean room